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 Latitude N 35° 10' 18"    Longitude W 106° 29' 12"    Elevation 6216 ft

These graphs present the temperature, pressure, rainfall, wind, solar, and UV trends for the last 48 hours.

The thumbnail graphs are sampled every ten minutes. Click on a thumbnail to display the corresponding larger graph in the panel above it. The large graphs are sampled every minute.

The software guesses that the sun is shining if the solar sensor reports a value which is both more than 20 watts per square meter and greater than 75% of the theoretically predicted value for the moment. The software knows very accurately the current sun angle, and has a decent guess at atmospheric transmission. But it knows nothing of light blocked by Sandia Mountain, my neighbor's house, or my Arizona cypress trees. But those effects are pretty consistent day to day in the short term, so variation in the reported hours of sunshine does about what you might want.

Weather Graphs
Click on a thumbnail to show a large graph in the panel above.
Wind Graph Thumbnail Temperature Graph Thumbnail Inside Temperature Graph Thumbnail Pressure Graph Thumbnail Sunshine Graph Thumbnail Solar Graph Thumbnail
Wind Direction Thumbnail Temp Min/Max Graph Thumbnail Humidity Graph Thumbnail Today's Rainfall Graph Thumbnail Daily Rain Graph Thumbnail UV Graph Thumbnail
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